you should know me

Idaho refugee students tell their stories


about the project

It’s easy to spot the superficial differences in people around us: in skin tone, hair color, dress. How we interpret those variations and act toward our neighbors is a choice. Do we choose to see refugees through the lens of cultural diversity or are we using visual cues to sort individuals into categories, making assumptions about their values and behaviors?

The “You Should Know Me” video project was developed with help from Borah High School students and based on a writing project called “My Truth.” Students were asked to write about misconceptions they’re faced, based on appearance, and how their truth differs from what people may have thought.  

Our videos show that refugee students from all different backgrounds have a lot in common with one another and with American teenagers. They like to hang out with friends, go to school, and listen to music.

Like American teenagers, each student featured here also has an individual story that will inform who they become. They have a unique history and journey to Boise, and their own hopes for the future. The more we know one another, the better chance we have at building on our distinct experiences together, rather than allowing them to divide us.

A project of the Idaho Office for Refugees